Warns you if available hard disk space is less than 1 MB. Make sure that Distiller has finished processing all the files in the folder before you remove it. Log files for failed jobs are always created. Required hard disk space is often double the size of the PostScript file being processed. To share a watched folder with other users, the creator of the folder must set the appropriate permissions for the In and Out folders. Use any settings that you have defined, named, and saved, and then click OK. Remove all paused and successfully converted files from the list:

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You want to ensure that the Fiery server resources are allocated for processing only, not for file conversion.

The other users must log in remotely to open the live watched folder and have their files processed. When you remove a watched folder, Distiller does not delete the In and Out folders, their contents, or the folder.

Do any of the following: To return a folder to disgiller original options selected in the Distiller window, select the folder, and click Clear Security. The creator must be logged into the system and have Distiller running.


If you want to remove a folder, select the folder and click Remove Folder.

This option also deletes PostScript and log files, if you have xistiller to delete them. Change the queue during processing. Some applications use a.

Choose what to do with a PostScript file after it has been actobat. Distiller can monitor up to watched folders. To define security options for a folder, select the folder and click Edit Security.

Fiery makeready applications v4.11

Set watched folders Acrobat Pro. Or, double-click the PDF to open it in Acrobat. Save a history of the job queue Windows. Click OK to return to the Watched Folders dialog box.

PDF file from Illustrator using Distiller

The Print dialog boxes can vary from application to application. Guidelines for creating PostScript files. Keep in mind the following guidelines when creating PostScript files: Warns you if you are about to overwrite an existing PDF. Open the PostScript file and start the conversion process, using either method:. You can configure Distiller to acroba for PostScript files in certain folders called watched folders.

Settings accrobat created by other users are read-only. Click Pause before doing step 3 if you want to review the queue before Distiller starts converting the files.


Adobe Distiller

Windows Send the fonts used in the document. For example, Distiller does not convert a PostScript file in a watched folder if the file is marked with read-only permission.

If a newer Adobe Acrobat version is available, the conversion must be done with the newer version to support the new Acrobat features. Set options to manage the processing of files:. To share a watched folder with other users, the creator of the folder must set the appropriate permissions for the In and Out folders. About watched folders Acrobat Pro.

Adobe Distiller – Wikipedia

However, this option is not recommended in the following scenarios: A security icon is prepended to any folder name fistiller which security is set. Set Adobe PDF conversion settings for the folders:. To temporarily stop processing the current job, click Pause.

Windows Settings and preferences are unique to each user.