Uncompress and expand the tar archive: Load the network drivers for the adapters on the team with all the frame types specified in step 1. The maximum number of members in a team is eight. Click the Modify radio button and click Next. The Statistics screen allows you to view traffic statistics for both Broadcom and non-Broadcom adapters. These drivers are originally taken from the Linux 2. When complete, an information screen as shown below will notify you that the files were successfully installed.

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If there are multiple frame types loaded on bbasp virtual and the physical adapters, it is necessary to bind only one frame type on the virtual adapter to the same frame type on the physical adapter. The only writable item on this dialog box is VLAN name.

Ensure there porgram network connectivity between the team and the probe target on the untagged VLAN. Common models Dell Computer Dimension If the configuration file to be restored is elsewhere, navigate to that location to select the file.

Broadcom Advanced Server Program Driver Software (NetWare): Broadcom NetXtreme® 57XX User Guide

Any available adapter can be configured as part of a team. If you make changes and do not reboot, you may experience configuration problems. Broadcom Corporation is a fabless semiconductor company in the wireless and broadband communication business. During the installation process, the following message may be displayed:.


Use appropriate keywords to enable Jumbo Frames when loading the adapter drivers. Unique IP address to be used by each adapter when LiveLink is enabled. This mode is protocol-independent and all traffic should be load-balanced zerver fault-tolerant.

Broadcom Advanced Control Suite – Should I Remove It?

Switch ports must be configured for trunking for example: VLANs are not supported on non-Broadcom adapters. A team is comprised of at least one primary adapter a standby adapter is optional. Please read all restrictions and disclaimers. The maximum number of members in a team is eight.

Help others learn more about this software, share your comments. When configuring teaming, you must designate at least one adapter as a primary team advamced. This MAC address is the same address as that of the first physical interface that is bound to the team.

Broadcom Advanced Control Suite

LAN driver provided by Broadcom is used. Lrogram minimizes the downtime due to spanning tree loop determination when failing over. Broadcom Advanced Server Program is a kernel module designed for Linux 2. Allowable values are 1, 2, 5, 10, Load the network drivers for the adapters that are to be on the team.


How common is it? Note that a standby member can be used only on a Smart Load Balancing type of team. An untagged IEEE Installing the Broadcom Advanced Control Suite.

Network Test – The Network Test will confirm network connectivity to a remote station. This field displays the Chip and Firmware versions of the selected Broadcom adapter. To modify the snmpd.

If a gateway is not configured or if the gateway is unreachable, it will prompt the user for a destination IP address. LAN driver must be version 2. Other protocol packets will be sent and received through one primary NIC only.