T o view the ARP table , issue the -arp command as follows: T o display the map of t argets to CHAP table entries, issue the -chapmap. T o list available online switches, issue the following comm ands for their respective. The following example set s the data size to 16 bytes and has the test loop if an. SN C 4- 1. Tab Mix Plus – C: T o uninst all from the Control Panel:.

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T o view the ARP tableissue the -arp command as follows: Similarlya configu ration. T o disable a target, issue th e -pdt command as follows: Display ARP T able.

Q Logic 2400 Users Manual User’s Guide QConvergeConsole CLI

This chapter also describes how to view. Please copy and paste log back here. Display T eam Information.

T o show the driver settings, issue the following command:. SN C 1.

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Boot T arget The t arget ID of the t arget device from which to bo ot. T o configure loopback test p arameters before you run the test, issue the. T o show transceiver monitoring det ailed information, issue the following. T o update the adapter firmwa re prel oad table, issu e the following command: Use these options to show the info rmation for one or all of the adapter port s in the. For example, to list all of the a vailable. For details about the.


This sometimes causes the adapter to reset, as specified in the. It cannot configure adapters on remote. T o unbind a specific target, issue the following command:. T o delete the specified CHAP entryissue the -delchap command as follows: CNA Adapter Information -icna.

T able of Content s. T o set a specific p arameter on a specific ad apterissue the following command:. T o show general adapter informa tion or VPD information for a ll adapter port s in.

Noninteractive Command V ariables.

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Use the -b command to:. Y ou can specify the following actions:. T o view all target s for a port, issue the -pad command as follows: Input Parameter Options from a T ext File. Please do not ,iniport any log files to your replies unless I specifically ask you.

Configure HBA Parameters -n. The HBA already has a boot device s selected. T o show persistent b inding information for all adapters, issue the following co mmand. This guide is for system administrator s who are responsible for installing. QLogic Corporation makes no. The following VLAN commands run.