Read the license agreement and click Agree to continue with installation. US No 10 4. Return to the index Diagnosing Printer Problems Q: Interface Required Connector Type. Right-click the printer icon on your taskbar in the lower right corner of your screen. Then close the Chooser. Why can’t I print web pages the way they are displayed on my monitor?

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Adobe PhotoShop not included includes a basic monitor calibrator to do this; it is the Adobe Gamma utility.

Epson Stylus C62 – printer – color – ink-jet Series

Order ink cartridge supplies on-line now! Vertical lines are not aligned or vertical banding appears. Also, due to its transmissive nature, the monitor sthlue able to display a much wider range of colors than a reflective product, such as a piece of paper with ink on it.

Select your paper type in the printer driver menu and let the driver automatically set the print settings. Epson Stylus C62 Date: Charging takes about a minute and is complete when the power light stops flashing and the error light goes out. This utility is contained in the Control Panel in Windows and on the Macintosh. Open the printer cover. This is available only when your printer is connected directly to your computer, not over a network.


Wait while the files are copied to your computer. Got a question about the products for this printer? How do I uninstall the printer driver from my Macintosh?

Epson Stylus C62 Ink Cartridges |

sttlue Follow these steps to install the printer software: Compatible Epson T Black Ink. The quality of my printed output is unacceptable. A compatible cartridge will not affect your printer warranty. Looking for a tech gift that’s not too expensive?

EPSON Support: EPSON Stylus C62 – Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I contact for assistance with the creative software that comes with the printer? Then follow the on-screen instructions. And can we talk mail-order mattresses? Transparencies, plain paper, photo paper, semi-gloss photo paper, glossy photo paper, glossy epsn film, heavy-weight matte paper. Disconnect the printer cable from the printer. Matte Paper – Heavyweight.

Some orders may be sent by courier depending on availability. Otherwise, click Add Printer. Rather than selecting the print resolution in the driver, you select the following types of documents and the resolution will be automatically selected depending on the paper type you choose to print on: For printers that support xselect Super Microweave to achieve the highest print quality.


Turn on your Macintosh. Printers Epson Stylus C62 – printer – color – ink-jet Series. Make sure the printer is turned on but not printing, and the red Error light is off. Then wait while the files are copied to your computer.

Epson Stylus C62 Ink Cartridges

For more information on installing an ink cartridge please styllue to your Start Here Poster or your Printer Basics Manual. When you’re finished, click ‘Exit’ to close the Options Menu. You can also turn the printer off and wait overnight – this allows any dried ink to soften-and then try cleaning the print head again. When the cleaning cycle is complete, the power light will stop flashing.