Adam sang, and Graham shifted to backing vocals. However, mainstream British music press soon shifted their focus to bands who fit easier into the shoegazer mould. In Late the Creation Records web site confirmed Swervedriver was reuniting for a tour. Without domestic label support for promotions and touring, the band essentially became a forgotten curiosity in the United Kingdom despite the rave reviews garnered by Ejector Seat Reservation. Once the legal dust settled the band was awarded their own recording studio along with the finished album, however it was still a major setback. Has that been reflected in the demographic of the audiences at your shows? They’re just recycling old Spacemen 3 riffs which have already been through a 13th Floor Elevators filter.

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If it ever came to that then maybe we would stop. But soon after its release, the group received another blow when Vynes, too, departed to form his own group, Skyscraper, with Milk guitarist Vic Kemilcz.

He managed to enter Canada before the border police caught him and dumped back at swervediver feet of his bandmates. Because, while there are a ton of guitars, we kind of knew where they were supposed to go.

In Photos: Public Service Broadcastin…

Shoegaze is such a ludicrous term. As long as we can get together for a week to rehearse before a tour there shouldn’t really be a problem. And, with Swervedriver on the one hand being perceived to be in the shoegazing camp in the UK, in the U.

Help arrived soon after in the form of loquacious, manic drummer Jez Hindmarsh. Is that something you consciously strive for? The first few Swervedriver records charted in both the Indie and Metal charts.


But around that time I was getting more into demoing the songs more completely on the four-track. How do you respond if people shout for Swervedriver songs at a Bolts Of Melody show? There are some bands that are pushing boundaries, but as with any scene, a lot that aren’t as well.

Swervedriver |

The authors’ whose works we share with you in PopMatters’ 80 Best Books of — from a couple of notable reissues to a number of excellent debuts — poignantly capture how the political is deeply personal, and the personal is undeniably, and beautifully, universal.

The Best Jazz of Franklin has remained fairly prolific during Swervedriver’s hiatus, releasing three full-length albums as a solo artist under the Swrevedriver Highway moniker and his own name. Shake Appeal had already earned some local acclaim in its hometown of Oxford, England when Graham Franklin, the band’s frontman, left to pursue his growing interest in electronic music. I guess it all became about numbers and ours didn’t really add up. Oddly, despite the band’s efforts to please Geffen and Geffen’s efforts to rework the album, the label brass ultimately decided they weren’t going to release the record after all.

I guess it just ends up being whatever one you feel like using. I often meet up with him at gigs and stuff like that.

Frajklin was great working with another singer. Hindmarsh had just split from another EMI band and turned up at the demo studio to audition. Basically, I mean, Danny Ingram was up for being in the band as well, and we were quite keen to keep him on, but when Adi left, it seemed ludicrous because Danny was living in D. Our drummer’s from New York so we flew him over for a week before we did the album.



Nick Cave on Dig, L Initially, to a degree, because it was difficult not to have that tranklin of harder vocal. This is you, Adi? There’s a few off the first album we’ve left out because I think it’s been overplayed recently. The drums and bass were done in a day while we were in Melbourne.

They frankljn to bring loads more people on board just to deal with Oasis. When I first started playing with Jimmy, he was doing much more of a Keith Richards, Chuck Berry, kind of thing with guitar riffs and such, and playing solos that were different every time, which totally blew me away.

Take an frankllin break. Swervedriver were dropped from Geffen just 2 weeks before 99th Dream was scheduled for release. So it had been just you and Jimmy? InCastle Music released a Swervedriver anthology album titled “Juggernaut Rides” which brought together 33 songs; including many only available on rare EPs, and four that were previously unreleased.

And then, as I recall, I think it took up every single key on the keyboard.