You can scratch, mix, loop, and much, much more. December 24, 0. If you will be playing paid gigs, you will need to purchase a suitable version of VirtualDJ. Trance was booming [ You cannot download ‘unfree’ DJ software. If yes uninstall it and try again. Posted Thu 09 Feb 12 8:

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DJ with your computer, your iPod, or both!

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Assuming that it is not second hand or the discount has not already been used, VirtualDJ for iDJ3 entitles you to a discount off upgrading to the full VirtualDJ Professional. Support staff Member since Please see http: However, I’m not hearing anything through my headphones.

Is there a way to restore the last firmware??? Can some one help me with configuring the head set devise.

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Please support software development by purchasing all your software. If the volume lowers, it means that your headphone output is coming out of the master.

Posted Thu 28 Jul 11 December 24, 0.

You can upgrade to the full VirtualDJ Pro at discount by going to: I am trying to make it to where I can here the other song on that I have cued up before putting into the master mix If you have lost the serial number, please see: Plus, iDJ3 is portable, so you can grab it and go, ready to DJ anywhere.


Plus, you can dock your iPod or iPhone to play tracks or record your mix.

I also set the audio: Posted Fri 13 May 11 Same problem as the op in this forum It just showa the keylock and cue buttons lit up. The iPod may only be used for playback and mixing or recording, not scratching.

Numark iDJ3 audio issues – Page: Posted Mon 05 Sep 11 1: Large, touch-sensitive turntables for scratching and song cueing Music playback using the built-in dock for iPhone or iPod Built-in audio connections for both preview and master outputs Includes Virtual DJ LE professional mixing software Complete mixer section with EQ, loop and effects controls Lighted deck-controls indicate status within software Integrates with your iTunes library to play and mix songs Record DJ performances directly to a docked iPod or iPhone Controller is compatible with virtually all DJ software Included power adapter for charging iPod.

My deck worked perfectly until i’ve tried to install the firmware 1, MixVibes — 64 Bit Windows Drivers [v2. You can even record your mixes to the iPod when it is not playing. Support staff Member since In that case, please register your Pro serial number on the page http: Alternatively, connect a suitable cable 2x RCA to 3. You can perform live, create and record your mixes at home.


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Its up to windows to properly detect your device, so in case you have issues with this, please zudio here. Doing so is illegal.

Please help me with that if you can. Have you installed any MIDI driver software?

December 25, 0. I used Midiox and it can’t load the firmware entirely said: All 4 cue and keylock lights are on but i can’t control the deck Support staff Member since Please perform a clean re-installation of the software.