Thank you very much. It’ll give the option to search autoamtically online or browse on your comptuer. Message 3 of 36 75, Views. Under xp 32 bit works just fine, so i know the card its not bad. I would rather make do with what I have then spend for more components that may still have the same problem.

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Microsoft says that it is compatibile on their comptibility windows 7 pages. It’s ridiculous that they STILL haven’t made updated drivers for this card, which is apparently still being sold in retail outlets.

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Message 13 of 36 29, Views. I figured that because it worked on XP 64bit and Vista 64bit, that it would work on 7 64bit as well. Does this work with Windows 7 also? In there expand the Network adaptors thingy, I have no idea what the card is named before it’s unidentified but you should be able to figure out which one it is easily. I do not want a wireless connection when playing games like D3, and the only reason I installed this card was because the motherboard port no longer lne100xt.


Message 11 of 36 29, Views. I happen to work in the IT field and frankly there is no excuse for this.

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Check out and see if it works then Believe it or not I got this to work on Windows 7 bit. It says that windows encountered a problem installing the driver. Hello everyone, sorry to leave you hanging. Go to control panel, then find the device manager. Message 21 of 36 14, Views.

Linksys LNE TX Driver – Software Patch

I have provided the drivers on my personal website, so you don’t have to search through Microsoft’s lonksys user unfriendly update site. XP 64bit should be similar if that’s what you’re using. Crimson, thanks again for your help. I had a problem when i tried to install it in vista64bit.

Message 8 of 36 73, Views. I have tried for the last week to try and get the adapter to work linksyss Vista. Message 24 of 36 13, Views. I know the drivers work for Vista 64bit, as I’m using them right now. Sorry to hear but I could not find a vista 64 bit fista when I checked Cisco’s homesupport site. Yes, the old website died, but I uploaded the drivers to a new site: Geez, I guess they really want this card to die.


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Auto-suggest helps you quickly linksy down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Vista has been out for two years now, and most people are buying the bit version of the OS. Message 2 of 36 78, Views. I downloaded the drivers from the link that Crimson posted on May 29th and not Cisco support page. I have tried running any version of the driver offered in the backwards compatibility viista. And people ask me why I’m always running a older version of Windows, bah hahaha.