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Mactaris: Microsoft LifeCam NX on Mac OS X

These also extended to low light situations as well. Apparently it’s still in beta stage and is a little buggy but lets you use a usb cam on mac, photobooth, ichat, imovie etc. Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook. Posted September 28, We tested the camera in two environments using the cameras native resolution of x pixels.

Microsoft LifeCam Webcam Driver for Mac

Cons Some problems in low light, MB driver package. It does seem somewhat lifeacm that Microsoft would release a webcam that doesn’t run properly on their own operating system but, just in case, be sure you keep your receipt if you own a Vista PC.


However, we experienced some issues trying to get it to install on the Vista platform. It is lufecam easier to start a regular conversation with a contact and then click the button the start a video chat. It is small and clips easily onto any notebook display.

Posted December 31, Under Windows XP, the installation was mmac and it worked perfectly, but we couldn’t get the package to run properly using Vista. The LifeCam is compatible with Windows Vista.

It is very sensitive, so it picks tends to pick up some ambient noise.

Posted August 25, It has a 2 megapixel camera capable of capturing video at a maximum resolution of x and still images at a maximum resolution of 7. While you can use this camera with any instant messenger IM application, the driver package will not install unless mc use Live Messenger on your PC and naturally, it’s not Mac compatible.

Sign in with Twitter. I find this as the most universal opensource driver set for web cams on mac os http: Posted August 24, Posted August 18, The first was an office with bright fluorescent lights and the second was a home environment with incandescent w blubs. That being said, the integration with Windows Live Messenger seems a little cosmetic and isn’t terribly convenient.


Sign In Sign Up. We therefore used two PCs and one notebook in the home environment under the kifecam the same lighting conditions as the original test. I need power and lots of it.

Device downloads

I don’t know much about that In the home environment, the image quality wasn’t quite lidecam impressive. However, since the PC in the office environment was not the same as the home environment, we needed to make sure that the results we were seeing were indicative of the camera and not the PC performance.

Posted October 8, If you plan to use the camera in an area of high ambience, you should keep its sensitivity in mind.

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